For Hue tour, Gia Long tomb is rather special. Located in the West of Hue on Dinh Mon Village, Huong Tho Commune, Huong Tra District and in the mountainous area far from the city center, Gia Long Tomb is a convergence of the simple architecture, the untouched nature and the charming scenery. It is a hilly area between the left and right lines, which is considered to attract all the good things from all directions. However, the pontoon bridge connect two sides is the only entrance to visit Gia Long Tomb. It will be also a exciting experience for you. Take a Hue tour, you can visit this mausoleum is located on the highest hill among 42 large and small hills in Thien Tho mountain, covered with the green color of pine tree hills. In the front of tomb is lotus pond, it will be covered with the pink color of the lotus in seasoning and the lotus flavor will spread in the space. This mausoleum is surouding by the meandering road with the green of grass and the pine tree. Each tomb has a unique trait expressing the personality of each king. Minh Mang mausoleum is located on a main axis through the tomb center, showing the character of the most talented king in Nguyen Dynasty. Tomb of Tu Duc King is built in the terrain of a valley with the harmonious combination between mountain and river, typical for the poetic soul of Tu Duc King. Khai Dinh King Tomb is impressed by the unique mixture between Oriental and West Architecture and the luxury with the intricate drawings on the ceiling and the magnificent portrait of the statue of Khai Thanh. But coming to Gia Long tomb – the tomb of the founder of the Nguyen Dynasty, the architecture and layout are extremely simple with a proud S shape for the Vietnamese people. No principle of symmetry, not many nursing works for the king to rest and relax when visiting the mausoleum while still in position. The tombs are arranged horizontally, in the middle is the tomb area (where the King and Queen are buried) – the only burial tomb in the mausoleum system of Nguyen Dynasty, on the right is Minh Thanh Palace (the place to worship King and Queen), and on the left is Bi Đình (where a large inscription reads “Thanh Duc Than Cong” by Minh Mang King praising his father). Other constructions such as Thuan Thien Cao Hoang Hau mausoleum (Mother of Minh Mang King), Gia Thanh palace … are also simple and not picky. Every destination in Hue will leave you with an interesting story and special feeling. If you have the opportunity to have a round Hue tour, do not hesitate try to visit Gia Long Mausoleum enjoy perfectly the harmony between architecture and nature. And visiting Gia Long Tomb by motorbike is an extremely interesting experience for you.