Tu Hieu pagoda Hue is known as a land of Buddha in Vietnam, so there are many pagodas here. Besides some famous pagodas such as Thien Mu pagoda, Tu Dam pagoda, Huyen Khong pagoda, Thien Lam pagoda, Bao Quoc pagoda, ….. Tu Hieu Pagoda is also the favorite sites of tourists when visiting Hue city. In Hue tour Tu Hieu pagoda is the famous place to visit. It is located in Duong Xuan Thuong III village, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province. It is the big pagoda with thick cultural and historical site of Hue. Tu Hieu pagoda is attached to the meaningful tale. People said that the name ” Tu Hieu” is come from the filial piety of a monk to his mother. At Tu Duc Emperor, when he heard the moving story and named it ” Tu Hieu” . Therefore, this pagoda has become the symbol of the filial piety of the offspring to their ancestors and parents. This pagoda lies in the green pine forest with large campus. Tu Hieu pagoda is built and designed simply but still brings the characteristics of Hue garden house architecture. The main hall worships Buddha and the behind position worships the ancestors. Specifically, unlike the other pagodas, instead of adoring Buddha statues, Tu Hieu pagoda adores paintings in Hue tour. That makes tourists feel comfortable, tranquil in their soul when coming here. In addition, Tu Hieu pagoda has more one thing that make people curious. This is the cemetery, lies in the campus of pagoda, is the resting place of 24 eunuchs in Nguyen Dynasty. Ignoring the sorrow and stress of daily life, people come the pagoda to find the peace of their soul and refresh their mind. And because Tu Hieu pagoda also brings the harmonical beauty of architecture and tranquil space, it is one of the favorite sites in the Hue tour of tourists. It is ideal that you ride a motorbike to get this destination. You can join in the Hue tour by car, motorbike or bicycle to contemplate the peaceful atmosphere and the ancient beauty of Tu Hieu pagoda.