Ao Dai – The Elegant Traditional Dress of Hue

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Ao dai, the national dress of Vietnam, is a long tunic that covers from the neck to the knee or ankle. It is a symbol of the feminine and graceful beauty of Vietnamese women. Hue is a city located in the central region of Vietnam, famous for its rich history and culture. Ao dai Hue is one of the most beautiful and elegant types of ao dai, with unique design and significance. In this article, we will explore the history, meaning, and fabric of Ao dai Hue.

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1. History of Ao dai Hue

Ao dai has a long history, but the history of Áo dài Huế is quite different. It is originated in the former imperial city of Hue under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). During that time, women of the imperial court wore a kind of long dress called “Ao Tu Than”.

The Ao Tu Than was originally worn by both men and women, but it gradually became more associated with women’s fashion. It was embroidered with golden threads and had a wide skirt. 

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In the early 20th century, under the influence of French fashion, the dress was modified to a slimmer, more modern version and came to be known as “Ao dai”. However, in Hue, Ao dai Hue maintained the traditional design, which is inspired by the Ao Tu Than.

2. Significance of the Ao Dai

The Ao Dai is more than just a piece of clothing – it is a symbol of Vietnamese culture and identity. It is often worn on special occasions such as weddings and formal events, and it is also worn as a school uniform in many parts of the country.

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The Ao Dai represents elegance, grace, and femininity, and it is a source of pride for many Vietnamese women. It is also a way of expressing national pride and solidarity, as the garment is recognized around the world as a symbol of Vietnamese culture.

3. Meaning of Ao dai Hue

The design of Ao Dai Hue is connected to the city of Hue and its culture. The dress is characterized by the beautiful and colorful patterns of the imperial city and the gentle nature of the Hue woman. The dress has a high collar, long sleeves, and a slender silhouette that emphasizes the natural curves of the body. The dress represents the elegantly reserved and sophisticated beauty of the Hue woman, who is the epitome of grace and femininity.

4. Design of Vietnamese Ao dai

  • The collar of the áo dài is a classic high collar, approximately 4 to 5 cm in height. Nowadays, the collar style is often varied, such as heart-shaped, round, or U-shaped, with precious stones often embellished on the collar.
  • The body of the ao dai is measured from the collar down to the waistline. The buttons of the Ao Dai often run diagonally across the chest before pulling down across the hip. From the waistline, the body of the Ao Dai is divided into two hemlines, located on either of the hips.
  • The Ao Dai has two hemlines: front and back. In the past, the front hemline followed the back hemline, but recent styles often feature a shorter front hemline. The front hemline is often embroidered with floral patterns or poems.
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  • The sleeves of the Ao Dai are measured from the shoulder, fit snugly around the arms, and extend just past the wrist.
  • The Ao Dai is paired with trousers instead of dresses as in the past. The trousers are long and wide, often with a slight flare at the hemline. The trousers were traditionally made from stiff fabric, but are now commonly made from soft, flowing fabric. The most common color for the áo dài is white, but modern trends see the trousers matching the color tone of the ao dai.

5. Material of Ao dai Hue

The fabric of Ao dai Hue is one of the important factors that make it unique. The dress is usually made of silk, which is a luxurious and soft material. The silk used in Ao dai Hue is a special type of silk. This silk is of high quality and has a smooth texture, making it perfect for Ao dai Hue. The dress can come in a variety of colors, but the most common colors are red, black, and white.

6. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Ao Dai Hue is a beautiful and elegant dress that reflects the rich history and culture of Hue. It has become a symbol of the city, and Vietnamese women often wear it to special occasions, such as weddings, Tet (Lunar New Year) celebrations, and traditional festivals. Wearing Ao Dai Hue not only showcases the beauty of Hue and its culture but also reflects the timeless elegance and feminine nature of Vietnamese women.

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