Dong Ba market – Hue city

Dong Ba market is the biggest and busiest trading center, located on Tran Hung Dao street, along the northern bank of Perfume River and about 100m the north of Truong Tien bridge.

In Hue tour, this market includes 3-storey building which are cuisine area, handicrafts area and clothing area. The ideal way to enjoy Dong Ba market completely is start the third floor first.

The third floor is clothing area or the cloth and clothes heaven where you can choose the favorite piece of cloth for yourselves or to give gifts for your family and friends. Especially, you can contemplate colorful Ao Dai kiosk with the full of size and type for everyone.

Next, you are attracted by the handicraft area in Dong Ba market. There are many colorful and eye-catching products like conical hat, pottery, jewellery, bamboo tools, so on. You can buy them to make a keepsake for your Hue tour.

Dong Ba Market – Hue

After visiting two floors, it is good time to enjoy the cuisine area surrounding the market. Relishing many kind of Hue foods and do not mind your pocket money is the most unique thing when coming this market. In Hue tour, you can try eating any food you like from the common dishes to specialties such as Com Hen (Hue mussel rice), Banh Khoai (Fried pan cake), beef noodle, dumpling, so on. You also eat a desserts of Hue city like sweet soup, tofu or drink fruit juice, sugarcane juice. Especially, there are many Hue specialties as Thien Huong sesame gum, Hue rice beef noodle, fermented shrimp, so on that you can buy as a gift for your friends, family with cheap price.

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