Thien Mu pagoda in Hue

Hue is known as a city of landscapes and ancient pagodas. Thien Mu is one of the most of ancient and attractive pagodas of Hue tour with the creative and archaic architect. Moreover, this pagoda has beautiful scenes that any tourists can not ignore when coming Hue.

Thien Mu pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, the left bank of Perfume River, about 5 km west from the center of Hue city. The name “Thien Mu” concerned to the old story that every night, there was a one elder with red clothes appearing on the hill, she said that “One person will establish pagoda here to converge necessary factors to strengthen the country”. When Nguyen Hoang, a lord in the North, heard the legend, he decided to build a pagoda and named it Thien Mu (Lady from Heaven).

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue Tour

When coming Thien Mu Pagoda of Hue tour, all of tourists will visit Phuoc Duyen tower. This tower has octagonal shape and 7 floors, each of which is dedicated to a different Buddha. So, Phuoc Duyen tower becomes famous symbol of Thien Mu pagoda. Nearby the tower, there are two quadrangle buildings, put two steles of Thieu Tri King. Going inside, there are 2 hexagonal buildings include one statue of a giant marble turtle carrying a big stele and one bronze bell from Nguyen Phuc Chu Lord. In the backyard of pagoda is a stupa of Thich Don Hau who is the devoted abbot of Thien Mu pagoda in the 20th century. And the entrance leads to Dai Hung palace is the main construction of Thien Mu which has bronze statue of Buddha.

Ancient constructions of Thien Mu pagoda is covered by the green bonsai and still pine garden, fresh air and tranquil space. Thanks to this harmonical combination between the nature and architect, Thien Mu pagoda makes a good impression to tourists when joining in Hue tour.

Tourists can easily get Thien Mu pagoda by almost transportations as motorbike, bicycle, taxi or boat. Especially, if visiting Thien Mu in May and June, It is more beautiful because the red flamboyant branches let down in the front of pagoda gate

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