Discover Hue city tour, the world’s heritage site

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Hue city tour with the visit to Perfume river, Thien Mu pagoda, Royal palace, Royal museum, Dong Ba market, Minh Mang tomb, Khai Dinh tomb and Conical hat village is the best way to have an insight discovery about this old royal city.

Some things about Hue 

Located in the central of Viet Nam, Hue is a small but beautiful city with the peaceful life. Hue is famous for stunning landscapes of nature and historical monuments built 200 years ago by Nguyen dynasty, the last royal family in Viet Nam. With those advantages, Hue attracts loads of tourists and most of them choose Hue city tour as the top activity for their time here.

Royal palace photo by hue vacations
Royal palace – photo by: hue vacations

What are tourists’ difficulties in finding a good tour in Hue?

Today there are plenty of Hue city tours for tourists who visit this small but peaceful land. Most of people feel confused when searching for a good company with good service and reasonable price for a nice trip here. While the cheap Hue group city tour makes them less comfortable, the private Hue city tour seems to be over their budget. Knowing the wishes of tourists, Hue Vacations company has established the Hue group city tour with small size ( maximum 12 people). This is the daily tour starting at 8:00 until 17:00. All of our clients felt very happy and satisfied with the quality of our service and they did not have to pay so much money for the tour. Hue group city tour of our company has a professional English speaking guide who can provide information in both English and Vietnamese, a new mini van with free water, tissue for the whole trip, a traditional lunch with Hue foods and a relaxing time with foot bath after lunch . All are well organized in reasonable time so that tourists can fell relaxed and be able to enjoy a great Hue city tour.

The initerary for Hue city group tour ( maximum 12 people)

A dragon boat trip along the legendary Perfume river is the best way to start the Hue city tour. Taking about Hue is taking about the land where Nguyen Kings chose to built their palace . The dragon has long been a symbol for the power of the Kings and dragon boat was the privilege for only him. Nowadays, dragon boat is the symbol for Hue tourism. You can immerse yourselves in the cool air and the tranquility of the calmest river in Viet Nam and visit the oldest pagoda here ,Thien Mu pagoda. Built in 1601 by lord Nguyen Hoang, the ancestor of Nguyen King after he heard about the legend of an old lady from heaven coming from sky, telling local people about the appearance of the King at this holly land. The pagoda today is always one of the first spots that tourists want to visit in Hue city.

Thien Mu Pagoda - Hue city tour
Thien Mu Pagoda – photo by: hue vacations

After walking into the pagoda and listening the stories about it, our group will head to the royal palace , the most important historical monument in Hue, by mini bus. Although it was destroyed a lot by the war in 1968, the palace still reflects the luxury life of the Kings and the sophisticated art in building and decorating. Wondering in the forbidden purple city and stopping on the places which was only for the privileged people is an amazing feeling. It is a big area but there are many places for tourists to stop to take a rest and enjoy the beauty of old royal architecture, listen to the information from our guide . The royal museum next to the palace is where you can see and learn about old objects of Nguyen kings preserved in good condition. It is one of the must-stop in our initerary for Hue city tour. The museum today is consider to be one of the most beautiful ancient house of the country. A stop at Đông Ba market is the chance for you to know about colorful local life, see the local product and try doing some shopping with friendly local people here. After a long morning with many stops, we organize a lunch with Hue style for you to enjoy special foods of our city and the foot bath after having lunch is the time for you to recharge your batteries, get more energy for the afternoon visit to royal tombs.

herlbal foot bath
herlbal foot bath – photo by: hue vacations

Most of the tourists skip royals tombs in Hue city tour because they think that only the royal palace is enough. Those ones felt regretted after seeing the photos from their friends about the tombs, which are the burial areas as well as the private house of the kings, where they can freely show their personalities and lifestyles through the design and architecture. Minh Mang tomb with traditional style is the place for the most traditional and formal king to rest in peace and Khai Dinh tomb with the clever combination of eastern and western architecture is the masterpiece of Khai Dinh King, the King who was deeply influenced by European culture. Because of their special architecture, those two royal tombs are chosen as a special part of our Hue city tour.

Khai Dinh tomb  - Hue city tour
Khai Dinh tomb – photo by: hue vacations

The last stop is Thuy Xuan incense and conical hat village, a small and beautiful village where people here live on making incense and conical hat. Hue city tour will not be perfect without the experience in making local products here. You can learn to make incense, conical hat and take many pictures for a nice memory in Hue city in the late afternoon. There are many more historical monuments and beautiful landscapes here, if you would like to see more, know more about Hue, the land of culture and history of Viet Nam, we can show you all of them if you have more days in our city