How much should tourists spend on services in Hue?

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Hue is not a big and wealthy city in Viet Nam, the cost of living here is at the low rate and so is the expense for tourists staying here. This is the approximate budget for 2 days in hue city…

Royal palace photo by hue vacations
Royal palace – Hue city tour

1. Accommodation 

There are many choices for accommodations here, from hostel, Homestay or hotels . The cost for a double room at a hostel is from 15 to 25usd/ night, 30-40usd/ night for the homestay or 2-3 star hotel and 100usd/night and more for 4-5 star hotel . If you have the reservation in advance, you will have cheaper price than the late bookings.

2. Tickets 

In Hue, the must-see places include royal palace ( entrance fee : 9usd/ person) , Minh Mang tomb, Khai Dinh tomb, Tu Duc tomb ( 7usd/person) . Thien Mu pagoda is opened free for everyone . It is more money saving if you buy the combo tickets for 3 places ( royal palace, Khai Dinh tomb and Minh Mang tomb) with 19usd/ person , or combo ticket for 4 places ( those 3 places above and Tu Duc tomb) with 24usd/ person. One important thing to remember is that the combo tickets are valid in only 2 days ( the day you buy it and the next day). If you want to visit all places in Hue , you can get the combo tickets for all with 27usd/ person and this ticket is valid in 3 days.

3. Transportation

There are many options for tourists to visit Hue : car, motorcycle, cyclo, dragon boat… The most popular way of visiting all places in Hue is using car transfer service ( 40usd/tour). If you want to experience local life, motorcycle is the one we highly recommend to you. The rider can take you around the city and wait for you at places you visit. Dragon boat trip is a good transfer although it is rather slow. The boat trip from city center to Thien Mu pagoda costs 15usd. Besides, you can rent a scooter with the cost of 7usd/day or a bicycle with the same price and discover the city on your own.

4. Food

Hue has a lot of good restaurants where you can enjoy delicious foods. The restaurants for tourists are located around the city center , on the south of perfume river while the ones for locals are located on the north. A set menu at restaurant cost about 15usd/ person. If you want to have foods at local places, the price is about 3,4 usd for one dish.

5. Tours

If you want someone to organize everything for you in Hue, taking a tour is the best way. The tour that most of tourists choose is group city tour in small size . With the cost 43usd/ person, you can visit all famous places of the city, have lunch, talk with local tour guide and use mini van transfer service. It is both money saving and convenient . These are the price in 2022 and it can change in the next years. We will update new information so that you can have a good plan when visiting Hue. If you need more information, please feel free to ask us. It is our pleasure to support you.


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