Hue Citadel in Hue Tour

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When a tourist plan a trip to Hue city, the first place he wants to visit is Hue royal palace, the most important historical monuments in this city. Built in 1804 by Gia Long King, the founder of Nguyen dynasty, the royal palace is a big complex of more than 100 constructions including working area, living area, worshiping area and relaxing area. Although it was seriously destroyed by the war, the palace is still a must-see place for those who visit Hue and want to discover the history, culture and architecture of Nguyen dynasty.

hue citadel
hue citadel

Some information about Hue royal palace

Location and architecture:

The palace is located at the city center, on the north side of perfume river. The location was chosen carefully to ensure the long lasting power of the King and the the strong development of the country. The main entrance facing to south direction is opened from 7 am till 5 pm to welcome tourists all over the world .The reconstruction of five-phoenix pavilion on noon gate finished in 2020 gives tourists the chance to stand on the place where most important ceremonies were held. Besides, the forbidden purple city, the temples and gardens are so beautiful that people want to stay here the whole day
Hue Royal Antiques Museum
Hue Royal Antiques Museum


The royal palace started to be built in 1804 by Gia Long king and finished in 1833 by Minh Mang king. It was home to 13 kings of Nguyen dynasty and their families. When the war happened, the palace suffered the destruction of bombs and what we can see today is just a small part of the original palace. With the continuous efforts in reconstruction, the palace will be finished in the next 10 years

Beauty of Hue royal palace

The palace is the harmony of traditional royal constructions and the big space for nature, which gives people the peaceful feeling about it. The constructions are made from ironwood, painted red and gold , which symbolize for luck and royalty. All details were sophisticated and they had own meanings in Viet Nam culture. With the noon gate, five-phoenix palvilion , The Mieu temple, Thai mieu temple, Dien tho palace, Truong sanh palace and the long corridor in forbidden purple city , the royal palace is now a perfect choice to wander around and enjoy the ambience which was once the most lavish place of Viet Nam. 

 When is the best time to visit Hue royal palace

The palace is half outdoor and half indoor. So tourists are not affected much by the weather. However, it is better to visit it in the early morning or late afternoon, when the temperature in Hue is calmest. September and October are the best months to visit because it is not crowded and the weather is nice for the walking trip.
Hue royal palace

 Experience of Hue city tour

Hue city tour is the best way to explore the beauty of the old capital. The highlight of Hue city tour must be The royal palace with special historical value and beautiful architecture. With the tour guide , tourists can have a lot of interesting information about Nguyen dynasty, Hue culture, Hue history and Hue people. Royal Palace is a big area with many constructions located on 36 -hectare surface, so it can make tourists confused about the route and time for visiting. With professional tour guide, it will be much easier and the day trip will be fulfilled with information and impression about the architecture. Beside the palace, Hue has many landscapes and monuments with impressive architecture. Most of them are included in Hue city tour of our company, Hue Vacations. If you would like to have a good tour in Hue, please contact us for more information Let’s join in Hue tour with Hue Vacations to discover!!!
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