Hue group tour or private tour, which one is better?

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With the development in services and transportation, there are plenty of tours for visitors who come to Hue city. It is a great advantage for tourists. However, choosing a suitable tour is sometimes makes them confused because they do not know what are the best options for themselves. Hue Vacations company will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of two most popular tours in Hue so that our clients can feel easier to take their tours in Hue

Private Hue city tour

Hue private city tour is the tour which provides tourists a lot of experience about the city. With private dragon boat, new car and local tour guide , the tour is the chance for tourists to have deep exposure to the history, culture and local life of the city.

Hue Royal Antiques Museum
Hue Royal Antiques Museum

Advantages of Hue private city tour

With professional tour guide and driver, tourists will be treated carefully and enthusiastically. The itinerary can be fixed ( longer or shorter) everywhen tourists want to have a change due to bad weather or tiredness. Besides, Freedom is the best thing that people who take private tour can feel . You do not have to share the boat, car, or the guide with any other ones. You can stop at the place you like as long as you like or skip the places that you are not interested in. The guide is always willing to answer all of your questions about the city. He will be your camera man on the tour or become your local friend who is ready to share all he knows with you.

khai dinh tomb
khai dinh tomb

The tour is highly recommended for families with kids because the local guide can help tourists in taking care of the kid onthe whole tour and tourists can enjoy the best time here.

Those are the reasons why Hue private city tour is one of the most popular tour that tourists want to take when visiting Hue.

Disadvantages of Hue private city tour

The first disadvantage of private tour is the high cost which is not suitable to those who have low budget . The second disadvantage is that some people feel boring while traveling alone and they prefer a tour with many people to private tour. Beside the private tours that are available in the tour list of Hue Vacations company, we can operate many tours that are designed according to your requirements. With professional staff who have deep understanding about Hue city, we can bring to you the best experience that you wish to have in Hue city.

Hue group city tour

This is the tour that tourists will join with others clients of our company. The maximum number of tourists is 12. The visit to all famous places of interest in Hue with new friends is a good experience that many people want to try.

Royal palace
Royal palace

Advantages of Hue group city tour

When taking a group tour, the first wish of tourists is sharing the cost of the tour so that they can have more budget for other activities. The price of group tour is always lower that that of a private tour and this will be helpful for those who do not have much money for a long trip. However, saving money is not the only reason why tourists take a group tour. Some people travel alone and they want to make friend in their trip and group tour is a great chance for them to build new relationships. People in the group can discuss experience about traveling in Viet Nam and support each others in planning a good trip. With the foreign tourists and Vietnamese tourists in the same group, the exposure to those who are from different culture is a feeling that everyone want to have. For those reasons, group tour is suitable to most of Hue visitors.

Khai Dinh tomb - Hue city tour
Khai Dinh tomb – Hue city tour

Disadvantages of Hue group city tour

The tour is not suitable for those who want to learn a lot about places they visit. Because the local guide has to share his time for all people in the group, the time for each tourist must be shorter than the time he spends on private tour.

The second disadvantage is the unexpected troubles caused by the different traveling styles of different group.

The third things that tourists do not like about group tour is that they have to follow the schedule of the tour and can not spend much time at places they like. That is a big pity if some good things are skipped because you have to follow the group.

Thanh toan bridge

With a lot of experiences in running group tour, Hue Vacations company can minimize the difficulties of tourists joining our group tour to meet the demands of all clients. Group city tour with small size is the best option for Hue visitors because tourists can enjoy the advantages of private tour, group tour and avoid the inconvenience of group tour .

If you are planning a trip in Hue and considering what tours you should take, please contact us and we will be very happy to provide to you the best service.