Lim Hue Wooden Bridge – A hidden gem of Hue City

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When it comes to Hue, people immediately think of a land full of poetic and peaceful beauty. Not only famous for its distinctive voices, but this place also has many famous cultural and historical architectural works. Among them, Lim Hue wooden bridge is a name that has recently been sought after by many people. So what is interesting about this bridge, let’s discover it with Hue Vacations right away!

Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

1. Learn about the Lim Wooden Bridge in Hue 

1.1. Coordinates of the Lim Hue Wooden Bridge 

Located in the city center, the Lim Wooden Bridge is situated on the southern bank of the picturesque Huong River. It stands between two famous bridges in Hue, namely Truong Tien Bridge and Phu Xuan Bridge. Additionally, the bridge serves as an extension of the pedestrian route along the Huong River, starting from Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street and stretching to Ly Tu Trong Park.

                                                                            Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

With its favorable location and harmonious architecture with nature, Lim Wooden Bridge has quickly gained a lot of attention since its completion. The bridge serves as a place for people to come and take a walk, relax, and cool down. Moreover, it is also the best spot to admire the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the city.

Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

1.2. The creation of the Lim Wooden Bridge in Hue
The Lim Wooden Bridge is an architectural project that symbolizes the friendship between Vietnam and South Korea. The project is part of the landscape planning on both sides of the Huong River. It was fully funded by KOICA with a total investment of 6 million USD. The main bridge construction started at the end of December 2017 and was completed in November 2018. However, it was not officially opened until 2019.

Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

2. The Million-Dollar Architectural Wonder of Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

Not only does Lim Wooden Bridge have a beautiful location, but its unique architecture is also its most impressive feature. With a total length of nearly 400m and a width of 4m, the bridge combines two color tones: wood brown and golden copper, bringing a modern and luxurious beauty to the ancient land.

                                                                           Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

The main material used to construct the bridge is teak wood, which is a high-quality type of wood imported 100% from South Africa. Teak wood is not only beautiful and elegant, but it is also highly resistant to moisture and can withstand heavy loads. Each teak wood panel has a thickness of 5cm and emits a light, pleasant fragrance. Visitors will feel comfortable walking on this bridge.

                                                                      Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

The railing system of the Teak Wood Bridge is made of 4,100 brass bars with a golden tone, weighing a total of 7 tons. All of these components are fully imported from South Korea. Especially when the sunlight shines on it, casting a shimmering reflection on the river, it looks very beautiful.

This structure is equipped with a 100% waterproof electrical system and lighting system. Therefore, even if it is submerged in water up to 4 meters deep, it will still operate normally and safely for the bridge. With a waterproof rating of IP67, Cau Go Lim Bridge can withstand being submerged in water for up to 5 days and still function properly.

Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

3. Virtual living with various stunning angles

Located by the romantic Perfume River and featuring unique architecture, Lim Wooden Bridge has become one of the hottest check-in spots in Hue. The bridge is wide, beautiful, and offers a spacious and cool environment, making it a popular destination for strolling and enjoying the fresh air. The most incredible moments are during sunrise or sunset. These are the moments that everyone wants to come here and capture impressive photos for themselves.

                                                                       Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

To enhance the beauty of the bridge, many flower pots and plants are also arranged. This not only creates a harmonious landscape but also provides more picturesque spots for everyone. Moreover, the benches along the bridge are also valuable props for capturing ‘million likes’ photos. Alternatively, you can also sit here to enjoy the cool breeze and admire the Perfume River.

                                                                    Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

No matter where you are on Lim Wooden Bridge, you can harvest many beautiful photos for yourself. Sitting on a bench, leaning on the railing, sitting on the floor, or walking freely… Just lift your camera and you can capture stunning pictures to show off to your friends.

                                                                         Photo collection – Lim Hue Wooden Bridge

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