Top 10 places of interest in Da Nang

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Da Nang is a famous tourism city with plenty of beautiful landscapes and impressive construction of human. These are the best places to visit in Da Nang

Da nang city – anh suu tam

1. Marble mountain

This landscape has long been a symbol of Da Nang tourism because of beautiful view that attracts people who come to this seaside city. In the five mountains , the Thuy Son- water mountain is the biggest one and has the most stunning caves inside. Walking up marble stairs , tourists can enjoy the beauty of an artwork of creator and see the ocean from the ocean view tower on the high mountain. Linh Ung pagoda , the main place for spiritual activities of Da Nang people, is a place that tourist can explore ancient architecture and local ceremonies.

núi Non Nước Đà Nẳng – ảnh sưu tầm

2. Dragon bridge

One of the symbol of Da Nang is the dragon bridge located at the city center. With the shape of a giant metal dragon crossing Han river, dragon bride is one of the most special construction which shows the unlimited creativity of Da Nang people. On Saturday and Sunday nights, people can see the dragon making fire and water from its mouth.

cầu Rồng – ảnh sưu tầm

3. My Khe beach

Being known as a famous beach city, Da Nang is famous for long white sandy beaches in which My Khe is a ideal place for not only tourists but also local people to have relaxing time. It is easy to find a place here to lay down , enjoy the beautiful view of the beach or play some water sports.

biển Mỹ Khê – ảnh sưu tầm

4. Monkey mountain

This is one of the highest point in Da Nang to have whole observation of the sea. An early trip to monkey mountain allows tourists to see many monkeys living in this area. In recent years, monkey mountain has become a popular place for Da Nang citizens to have camping trip because they can have great time to relax and enjoy the ocean view from the mountain , which is a priceless gift from nature.

đảo Khỉ – ảnh sưu tầm

5. Champa museum

Da Nang used to be the land of Champa kingdom. That’s why a lot of Champa antiquities have been found here and exhibited in the Champa museum built by the French in 1915. This is the place to explore Champa culture through their artworks made between 7th and 15th century

bảo tàng Champa- ảnh sưu tầm

6. Han river

The river was the main way for transportation for Da Nang because it is the way from the sea to city center. The river today has a Mordern beauty with high buildings along the riversides and 7 huge bridges crossing it. Han river is the most attractive at nighttime , when the city is lightened up and colors of lights reflecting on the rivers turns it into a beautiful painting. A boat trip on Han river at night is highly recommended to all who visit Da Nang

sông Hàn – ảnh sưu tầm

7. Lady Buddha statue

The biggest lady Buddha statue in Viet Nam is at Linh Ung pagoda on Son Tra peninsula. With the height of 67 meters, the statue can be seen from far distance and tourists should not miss the chance of visiting one of the most famous symbol of the city. Coming to Linh Ung Son Tra pagoda, beside seeing the huge statue of Buddha, you can have a peaceful time in the praying area or enjoy the spectacular ocean view from the pagoda

tượng Phật bà – ảnh sưu tầm

8. Fishing village

Located near the sea, Da Nang has a big fishery industry and it is very easy to see a big number of fishing boats here. The fishing village near Son Tra peninsula is the biggest village with thousands of boats parking next to each other. In the nice weather, when the boats go to the ocean for fishing, Da Nang beach looks like a stary sky with the lights of fishing boats on the dark sea.

làng chài – ảnh sưu tầm

9. Ba Na hill

Most of tourists visit Da Nang because they want to visit this amusement park. With beautiful flower gardens, pagoda, French village and the famous golden bride on the mountain top, Ba Na hill is considered heaven of human . Nowadays, it is easy to reach Ba Na hill with the cable system which takes you only 20 minutes.

núi Bà Nà – ảnh sưu tầm

10. Da Nang center

Da Nang today is one of the most developed cities in Viet Nam with a lot of changes in a short time. The city center of Da Nang today has a modern beauty and a visit to big cafes, local markets, shopping malls is a great experience for tourists. The visit can be on foot because most of the hotels are located right at the center

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There are many more interesting places to discover in Da Nang. If you would like to have a great time here, please contact our company for more information and we are very happy to organize a memorable trip in this beautiful city