Top 7 places for tourists to visit in Hue city

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Hue is one of the highlights for those who come to Viet Nam. There are loads of places to visit in here but because of the limit of time , many tourists feel confused when choosing the best places to put in their itinerary. Here are the top 7 places for tourists to visit in Hue

1. Hue royal palace in the citadel

Located not so far from the city center , Hue royal palace can be reached easily from many hotels in Hue. Being the living area as well as working area of Nguyen kings, The 200-year old palace reflects the luxury lifestyle and architecture of the last royal family in Viet Nam. Despite the destruction caused by weather war, Hue royal palace is still an attractive destination for those who choose Hue to visit.

Royal palace photo by hue vacations
Royal palace – Hue city tour

2. Thien Mu pagoda

Built in 1601 by lord Nguyen Hoang, Thien Mu pagoda ( or heavenly lady pagoda) has been a holly worshipping place for Hue people until now. The pagoda boast the beauty of an ancient pagoda on the riverside. It is not only famous for the mysterious stories but also the stunning landscapes around it and the simple but attractive architecture. The pagoda can be reached by dragon boat, car, motorcycle or bicycle.

Thien Mu Pagoda - Hue city tour
Thien Mu Pagoda – Hue city tour

3. Dong Ba market

Local markets are always the places we want to see when visiting a new land. They are where we can discover the local life, see local products, eat local foods and do the shopping with local people. The biggest local market in Hue is Dong Ba, which has just seen its 123rd birthday party from the day it was moved to the new location near Perfume river. The market is opened from 6 am till 7pm. At night time, the front side of the market becomes a popular street food place for locals and tourists.

4. Thuy Xuan incense and conical hat village

conical hat village- Hue city tour

This is a small village where the people earn for a living by making incense and conical hat by hand. The village is now famous for the impressive pictures of colorful decorations from hundreds of bunches of bamboo stick put together, forming great backgrounds for tourists to have loads of poses in traditional costumes. Beside watching local people produce their traditional products, You can get a costume for rent here with only 3usd and have many pictures for memory in this beautiful village.

5. Khai Dinh tomb

In the complex of royal tombs in Hue city, Khai Dinh tomb has a unique architecture and way of decoration which is out of the traditional principle of building a royal construction. Being influenced by European culture and architecture, Khai Dinh king wanted his tomb to be built in western style while the details are still in Viet Nam’s culture . The best impression left in the mind of all visitors is the ceramic decoration of this tomb . All people feel satisfied when seeing the mosaic here and say that this place is really worth their time and money.

Khai Dinh tomb  - Hue city tour
Khai Dinh tomb – Hue city tour

6. Minh Mang tomb

Built for Minh Mang king, the most formal king in Nguyen dynasty, this tomb reflects the traditional style of a place for the king to live when he was still alive and Rest In Peace when he passed away. With a big ares full of trees and lakes , Minh Mang tomb gives visitors a peaceful feeling when coming here. Afternoon time is the best time to visit the tomb because it is very quiet and you can have a great time when wondering around it.

Minh mạng Tomb - Hue city tour
Minh mạng Tomb – Hue city tour

7. Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc tomb is the tomb for the 4th king of Nguyen dynasty. This king loved poetry, paintings and music and his personality can be seen through his tomb, which look like a beautiful picture with green grass surrounding the lakes, traditional palace located in the middle of nature and a lot of pine trees giving shade and cool air in the whole day. What makes this tomb a must-see place in Hue is its picturesque beauty and the story about the king who sat on the thorn in the longest time of Viet Nam’s history. The tomb can be visited after the conical hat village which is located 300 meter from it. Besides the places in the list above, Hue has more and more interesting place to visit, including historical monuments and natural landscapes. If you want to have a good itinerary for a visit to Hue, please contact us for more information.