Visit Hue in the rainy season

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Besides the beautiful landscapes and old buildings built by Nguyen kings, Hue is also well known for its romantic beauty in the rain. Wandering in the rain of Hue is one of the most interesting experiences for tourists who want to have deep exposure to the old city.

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1. The beauty of Hue in the rain

Hue in the rainy photo by: Hue vacations
Hue has long been known for its rainy season which lasted 6 months a year. With the location between Truong Son mountain and the sea which are less than 100km far from each other, Hue city has high humidity and receives a big amount of rain coming from both ocean and mountains.
The rain in Hue has come into poetry, music, painting and nowadays, the rain is one of the symbol of this old city. The tranquility of this small city becomes more poetic when it is soaked in a heavy rain, especially in the afternoon. All Vietnamese people knows about a famous melody in a song about Hue rain “ this afternoon , it is rainy in Hue…”.
Hue today is not so rainy like Hue of the old time but it is still turns cloudy and rainy a little in the winter and autumn afternoons, which makes the city more romantic and the souls of people more peaceful, refreshed. Many people love the feeling of seeing Hue rain through the windows of their offices, their houses or from a small cafe.
Some even want to walk in the rain as a way of refreshing themselves. All things mentioned above are the reason why many tourists want to visiting Hue in rainy season to enjoy the romance of the old capital.

2. What are interesting things when visiting

hue in the rainy
Hue in the rainy photo by: Hue vacations
Hue in rainy season To the tourists, the rainy season in Hue give them more fun than inconvenience when visiting the old historical buildings because they can see the color of time left on the old walls, old palaces and pagodas, which they can not find on sunny days.
Some activities of Hue are more suitable for rainy days such as : having tea, coffee or eating some hot traditional foods here. Hue people are big fans of tea and coffee. They love the flavor of these drinks and they want to stay in their favorite cafe or tea house with nice decoration, nice music and enjoy the relaxing moments after a hard working day.
The mood will increase a lot if there is a rain coming when they are having coffee or tea because of the rise in their romantic mood, which is one characteristic of Hue people. Tourists can experience the lifestyle of Hue through this habit.
Thien mu citadel
Thien mu citadel photo by: Hue vacations
Staying in a local cafe and seeing Hue city in the rain gives them a peaceful feeling that they can not find anywhere else. Many of Hue foods are cooked in hot broth like beef noodle, mussels rice or beef soup. Only in the cool rainy weather that the flavors of hot noodles can be enjoyed in the best way.
Some people say that one of the most important ingredients for the foods is is the rain in Hue. It is just a joke but in reality, that is really an unforgettable experience for tourists visiting Hue and enjoying foods in rainy season

3. Some tours suitable for a rainy day in Hue

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Hue city tour : This is the most popular tour in this city. On the contrary to the inconvenience that many people are afraid of traveling in the rain, a Hue city tour in the rain is very interesting. Tourists feel less tired when walking in the cool temperature than the hot one, the historical monuments look more poetic in the rain and seeing the rain in Hue is experiencing an important characteristic of Hue city.
Enjoying traditional music on dragon boat : this is the activity that many people choose to do at night. Tourists can get on big dragon boats and enjoy the music performance of local singers and musicians. Most of the traditional songs about Hue mention the beauty of Hue in the rain and it is a great feeling to hear them with rain outside of the mirror windows of the boats Hue Vacations company also provides some special tours for rainy season like : dinner on dragon boat, tour of having coffee( or tea) and taking to local guide about Hue …
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