Melaleuca oil is considered as a valuable medicinal ingredient in folk medicine of Vietnam. Extracted from essential oil from Melaleuca Cajuputi, Melaleuca oil has many healing features and is a talisman for pregnant women and children. In Hue, any woman who is about to give birth will buy herself a bottle of Melaleuca oil to prepare for her beloved baby to be born. Melaleuca oil is very benign, has many function, has no side effects, so it is very safe for babies. With antibacterial effect, inhibiting virus, cough, cold treatment, strengthening body protection, pleasant aroma … so Melaleuca oil is used as medicinal herbs in many types of cough, water Mouthwash and cosmetics. Coming in Hue tour, you will see many places selling Melaleuca oil, especially the town of Phu Loc, people here cook melaleuca oil to sell as a main livelihood. Most people use the handwork distillation method, the essence will sell at a high price, the rest will be sold at a low price to use to clean the house, kill bacteria… You will experience with melaleuca oil when you join Hue small tour of Hue Vacations Company. With the wishing you to refresh your body after the morning tour and continue the journey for the afternoon tour, after lunch, visitors will be able to have the herbal foot bath with melaleuca oil, drink green tea and eat ginger candy. Melaleuca oil is also considered as a valuable gift, when ẹnoying Hue tour, tourists often buy Melaleuca oil as a gift as a loving care for relatives and friends. However, like perfume, Melaleuca oil is liquid, so travelers are not allowed in carry on when boarding, so you should put it in your check – in baggage, carefully wrapped. Enjoy Hue tour to explore!