Enjoying Hue traditional music on dragon boat

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Enjoying Hue traditional music on dragon boat is one of the best experiences at night for tourists in Hue. The performances of singers, musicians in the tranquil space of perfume river at night will bring a unique emotion to audiences.

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What is Hue traditional music

Ảnh : baochinhphu

Being one important part of Hue culture, Hue traditional music has been well known by people all over the country. The music performance on dragon boat, on the perfume river at night time is not only a music show but also a cultural activity that has been accompanying with the development of Hue tourism. The old songs about the beauty of Hue, the love story of couples, the famous places of the city are performed by beautiful Hue ladies in traditional costumes, with the sound of Vietnam musical instruments, creates a unique entertainment time for audiences. With the fresh air from the river, the beautiful light from stars, moon and candle light floating on the river, the space for the performance becomes a romantic stage for the show.

History of the performance

Ảnh: baodientu
Ảnh: baodientu

It is said that this kind of performance came into beings in 17th century. It was first the performance for high class in the society, with the formal way of telling stories through singing. The singers were supported by a music band playing traditional musical instruments. Until the time of Tu Duc king ( 1848-1883), It became a popular entertainment for all people in the country.

An interesting experience you should try

One of the most popular activities for tourists coming to Hue is enjoying Hue traditional music on dragon boat at night. After a long day of visiting the palace, pagoda and royal tombs, tourists can buy the tickets and get on big dragon boat, go to the middle of the river and enjoy the performance of Hue’s singers and musicians. This kind of art was the favorite entertainment of royal family and local peope in the old time . nowadays it is the tradition that Hue people want to preserve and fortunately, it is really attractive to tourists and it is worth every penny to see. Beside listening to the romantic melody on the river, watching the charming performance of singers and musicians, tourists can try making wishes while dropping floating candle lights from the boat to the river.

Where to buy tickets for the performance?

It is not complicated to have a ticket to see Hue traditional music on dragon boat. However, there have not been a way to book online. So you should book at the hotel staff, tourist agency. Hue vacations company can help you book the trip if you would like to. Please message us if you want more information.

How much is a ticket

The ticket is 100.000vnd/ ticket ( about 4,5usd). This is the price for group tour, which is operated for maximum 30people. The private performance on the big boat is 1500000vnd/ boat ( about 65usd) . Depending on the demand of each person, you can take the group or private performance. Hue vacations company is always happy to provide you with useful information and we can give you good advises so that you can have a great time in Hue There are many activities in hue with dragon boat or traditional music. For example, a dinner on boat with music is a great experience as well. If you would like to listen to traditional music at a restaurant, we can organize it for you.


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