Visit Dong Ba market, the biggest local market in Hue

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On the visit to Dong Ba market, tourists can explore the colorful local life and see the local products of Hue. It is a chance to have an insight discovery to this land and to capture the local photos of Hue people in their daily life.

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Dong Ba market
Dong Ba market Hue

Why should we visit Dong Ba when coming to Hue?

Dong ba market is the biggest market in Hue with hundreds of stores inside. The 123-year old market is the best place for tourists no matter what their purposes are : photography, enjoying cuisine, shopping or just seeing local life.

Dong Ba market Hue
Dong ba market is the biggest market in Hue

History of Dong Ba market

Built in the time of Gia Long king ( 1802-1820), Dong Ba market was first located in the east side of royal citadel. In 1885, the market was totally destroyed by French and until 1887, it was rebuilt by Dong Khanh king. In 1899, Thanh Thai king moved it to the south of royal citadel, which is the location of the market today

Where is the market?

Located on Tran Hung Dao street, the busiest street in the north of perfume river, Dong Ba market can easily reached by car, scooter, bicycle or even by walking from city center.

When is the market opened?

The market is opened from 6 am till 7 pm. At night time, after 7 pm, the front side of the market becomes a busy street food area with many people selling foods of Hue like : Hue beef noodle, fried pancake, sweet soup, mussels rice…

The market is opened from 6 am till 7 pm
The market is opened from 6 am till 7 pm

What can you find at the market?

Being the biggest local market of the city, Dong ba offers many kinds of products. The stores on the front side sell souvenirs, special candies, pies, jams or dried seafood. The back side of the market is the place for the ingredients for cooking like meat, fish, vegetables… while the front side attracts many domestic tourists, the back side is the ideal place to foreign tourists to see the real local life. On the second floor, there are many shops selling clothes or materials for making clothes. The market also has an area for local foods at the day time. You can find it on the right side of market.

What should you remember when coming here?

Today, The market is a safe place due to the effort of Hue government in improving local services. However, you should take care of your belongings when going into a crowded place. It is the same everywhere in the world. Dong Ba market used to be criticized for its high price. The lady here told people much higher price than the real one, which make tourists confused when doing shopping here. In recent years, the authorities of Hue have established the regulations about fixed price and transparency in price for each product. Nowadays, you can feel comfortable when going shopping here without worrying that you will pay so much for the products .

Dong Ba market Hue

What are the most popular products for tourists?

Sesames candy : this kind of candy is from sesame, sugar and a little ginger cooked in hot temperature and turned into square pieces. It has been a symbol for specialties of hue. Dried seafood : hue has a lot of rivers, lagoons and beaches, which is an advantage for fishery to develop. The big amount of seafood here allows people to have them as the ingredients everyday and some people also dry them to keep in a long time. The dried seafood still has great flavor and can be kept and used easily. Coffee and tea : Viet Nam ranks the second for coffee export in the world. The flavor of Viet Nam coffee is the favorite flavor for many people all over the world. You can find many kinds of coffee in Dong Ba market . Tea is also famous in Viet Nam. The dried tea bags are small and light, easy to pack and carry back home.

What are the most popular products for tourists?
What are the most popular products for tourists?

Dong ba market is one of the local food kingdom of Hue. It is a big pity if we do not try some foods here. We highly recommend eating here at night time, when the temperature is low and you will feel comfortable to enjoy the local cuisine There are many more interesting things in the market waiting for you to come and discover. If you take the hue city tour with hue vacations company , you will have a visit to Dong Ba to see the real color of local life .


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