Visit Hue royal antiquities museum

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When visiting a city, an important place that tourists should not miss is the museum. Museum is the place where the unique characteristics of that land is shown very clearly. There are many museums in Hue but the ones that reflects most about this city is royal antiquities museum

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Hue Royal Antiques Museum
Hue Royal Antiques Museum

Some information about royal antiquities museum

Located 200 meter from the east gate of royal palace, Hue royal antiquities museum is a great place for tourists to observe the lavish royal objects which are still preserved carefully until now.

After visiting the royal palace, you need only 5 minutes to reach the museum. The first impression about it is the beautiful traditional house located in a big yard with a lot of trees. Coming closer, people are astonished to see the meticulous carving on ironwood columns and beautiful decoration of ceramic dragon on the roof.

The museum today is considered to be the most beautiful traditional house of Viet Nam with wood carving art and a big size which is more than 1000 meter square. First built as the relaxing palace for Thieu Tri king, the 3rd king of Nguyen dynasty, the building then was neglected in a long time until 1923, when the king number 12, Khai Dinh king, decided to establish a museum here, right at the old palace for 3rd king Thieu Tri.

It is the first museum in Viet Nam, where many royal objects are displayed. Although many were taken away by French or stolen by many people, there are still some things of great importance preserved or brought back to Viet Nam from the other countries.

Hue Royal Antiques Museum

What will you see at the museum?

Visiting the museum does not mean that you just observe the objects displayed inside. Here, you can know more about the value of each object, the luxury life of royal family and admire the talent of craftsmen who created those masterpieces. You will also have the chance to see the stunning woodcarving art in the construction of the museum, which were made by the best artists of the country.

Some people wonder why they did not see the dragon robe ( king’s costume) or dragon seals ( stamps ) in Hue royal museum. The answer is that many important objects with high value are kept at national museum, where the security and preservation techniques is better. Sometimes, they will be displayed in Hue , on special occasions like tet holiday, Hue festival…

Behind the main museum is a small space for the objects of Champa people, whose kingdoms used to be here , before becoming the land of Viet Nam. If you would like to know more about the museum , the art of each object, you can buy some books here. They are very informative and worth reading.

Hue Royal Antiques Museum

What should you remember when coming to the museum?

– First of all, it is free to visit, no fee. Just remember to get a ticket for museum when you buy the entrance tickets to the royal palace.

– Secondly , you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum . If you want to have some photos in the yard, it is allowed.

– Thirdly, do not carry the food and take away drink into museum in case you drop them to the royal objects

Although the museum is just a small part of hue city tour, it can not be skipped because of the architecture and big material as well as sentimental value of royal antiquities.

The museum take you about 30 minutes to visit but some people want to spend more time here because they have big interest on the old antiquities.

Depending on how many places in Hue you want to visit and how many days you stay here, you can have a good schedule for the hue city tour.

Hue Royal Antiques Museum

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